LiveGood, a prominent entity in the health and wellness industry, operates from the United States, spearheaded by a quartet consisting of Ben Glinsky, Ryan Goodkin, Lisa Goodkin, and Nauder Khazan. It adopts a unique approach, combining the provision of top-tier health products with an enticing business opportunity through its Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) structure. In this detailed review, we uncover the facets of LiveGood, probing its legitimacy and the potential it offers for both health enthusiasts and those seeking financial avenues.

LiveGood MLM review
LiveGood membership costs

What Makes LiveGood Stand Out?

At the crux of LiveGood’s strategy lies a dual-purpose mission: delivering exceptional health supplements and simultaneously inviting individuals into its MLM framework to generate income. This amalgamation of health benefits with financial prospects mirrors the business model of a similar company, Kyani, setting the stage for intrigue and skepticism alike.

Delving into LiveGood’s Earning Potential

Operating as an MLM entity, LiveGood entices income through referrals and network growth. Its compensation plan offers a spectrum of revenue streams:

Weekly Fast Start Commissions

Earn $25 with each direct referral’s subscription and affiliate membership, coupled with potential earnings from their network’s activity.

Matrix Commissions

Receive 2.5% of investments made by new users within your matrix, spanning up to 15 levels deep.

Matching Bonuses

Gain a substantial 50% from your direct referrals’ matrix commissions and a percentage from their networks.

Retail Commissions

Bag 50% of the price difference when a network member purchases products at retail prices compared to membership rates.

Other Bonus Opportunities

Additional incentives like Influencer Bonuses and Diamond and Crown Diamond Bonus Pools elevate earning prospects for high performers.

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Analyzing the Costs Involved

To affiliate with LiveGood, a $40 initial investment is required, followed by a monthly fee of $9.5 or an annual membership of $99. Membership provides discounted access to LiveGood’s products.

LiveGood’s proposition intertwines health offerings with a promising yet intricate MLM structure. While it presents a potentially lucrative business model, the complexity of its compensation plan warrants careful consideration. Assessing the real value generated by each sale based on profit margins is vital before delving into this opportunity. 

Call to Action

For those intrigued by health-focused MLM models, exploring LiveGood’s offerings and compensation structure might be worthwhile.